If you love to cook and love to camp, why not enjoy both activities harmoniously? With a fully stocked camp kitchen, you can! When you have the right equipment at your disposal, you’ll have no problem whipping up photo-worthy dishes that everyone enjoys. In fact, allowing yourself to experiment with ingredients while sleeping under the stars is yet another way to make this camping experience one to remember!

Use this checklist to prepare for your next camping trip:

  • A Camp Stove. For cooking the meals you want to eat.
  • Fuel. If the stove requires propane, you’ll need an extra tank.
  • A Pot Grabber. Prevent burns from happening by safely grabbing pots off the stove.
  • Pots and Pans. Prepare food in a variety of ways by boiling, sautéing, frying, and steaming.
  • Cups. For the beverages you’ll drink.
  • Food Storage Containers. To store dry ingredients as well as leftovers that need to be placed in the cooler.
  • Matches. For lighting burners or charcoal.
  • Measuring Bowl. To ensure you get exact measurements.
  • Plates and Bowls. For hot and cold foods.
  • Utensils. Pack enough spoons, forks, and knives to accommodate your family.
  • Aluminum Foil. For creating foil packets, covering dishes, and wrapping up food that can be prepared the next day.
  • Can Opener. For opening up canned foods.
  • Bottle Opener. For opening up bottled beverages.
  • Cutting Board. For cutting, dicing, chopping, and julienning.
  • Thermos. Perfect for keeping soup or coffee hot and delicious.
  • Dish Soap. For quick and sanitary clean-up of dirty dishes.
  • A Bucket to Wash Dishes. Something deep enough to wash suds off of freshly washed dishes, utensils, and pots/pans.

Being well-prepared to cook while you’re away camping helps enhance the experience by providing you with the food you like to eat most. You’re not stuck eating sandwiches every meal. Instead, you can enjoy your favorite cooked breakfast, lunch, and dinner foods with great ease. You can even try your hand at making elevated camp cuisine by experimenting with different cooking methods, herbs, and seasonings.